Respect for persons

A warm up activity – A Human Research Ethics discussion activity

This discussion activity is intended to warm up attendees at a professional development event about Human Research Ethics.  This is to encourage a reflection on how different groups regard research participants.  There are no right answers, the objective is to get people talking and reflecting on Human Research Ethics matters.  It is also an opportunity to reflect upon matters such as paternity in decision making, showing respect and conflicts of interests.

Funny cartoon about a participant being crushed under the first consent form.

You can’t sue us mechanism – A Human Research Ethics discussion activity

This discussion activity explores a practical ethical challenge we have created ourselves.  Consent strategies should be about individuals being able to make informed decisions about whether or not to take part in a research project.  What we have ended up with are long documents and forms. They require potential participants to have considerable patience to wait for them and a degree of legal acumen.  The objective now appears to be to establish why you can’t sue the researcher or their host institution.

Cover image of the talk by Gary Allen and Mandy Downing

Vulnerability, research ethics review and the review of s4 of the National Statement – A Human Research Ethics talk by Gary Allen and Mandy Downing

How we approach vulnerability can empower and respect individuals or compound their isolation and discrimination they face. In this 11 minute talk by Dr Gary Allen and spoken by Mandy Downing. This talk was sponsored by QUT as part of its HREC professional development and the Committe’s active engagement with the National Statement.