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A tracking sheet for research ethics committee members – A Human Research Ethics resource

An Excel spreadsheet to assist with the tracking of the appointment, renewal and end-date of members of research ethics committee members.  This includes keeping track of their participation in professional development for the committee and for members.  This is a useful resource for research offices and the Chair/Secretary of a committee.  Even though this was produced for HRECs in Australia, it can be easily updated for other jurisdictions and standards.

Cover image of the talk by Gary Allen and Mandy Downing

Vulnerability, research ethics review and the review of s4 of the National Statement – A Human Research Ethics talk by Gary Allen and Mandy Downing

How we approach vulnerability can empower and respect individuals or compound their isolation and discrimination they face. In this 11 minute talk by Dr Gary Allen and spoken by Mandy Downing. This talk was sponsored by QUT as part of its HREC professional development and the Committe’s active engagement with the National Statement.